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Basic Guidelines to Remember for Good Health

 This information is being presented for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




1. Put God first in all things. If you don’t then all else is in vain. It won’t matter how healthy, happy, or wise you become if you lose eternal life with God and your family. You also must pray constantly or you won’t ever get health, wisdom or joy either. God promises to help those if we only ask, but we have to ask a lot and constantly. Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and love your neighbor as much as yourself. Order your life with God, then Family, health, country and service to others, and then job. The ultimate goal of God is love and freedom. 


2. Stay sober. Use adrenaline. That’s why God gave it to you. If you don’t use adrenaline to have fun then you will probably switch to the dark side and use drugs instead. Extreme sports that really push adrenaline may kill you faster than drugs but a Type A person has to decide how they want to die: in a ghetto, or on a mountain. Besides that, exercise is good and the only way I’ll ever exercise is do something I enjoy. It just happens that the most fun things are typically the most dangerous: skydiving, hang gliding, skiing, snowboarding, ice/rock climbing, rappelling, martial arts, jet boat/jet ski racing, auto/airplane racing, etc. Regular team sports just don’t push adrenaline for me. I hate exercise just to exercise. Only swimming and trampoline exercise can keep me occupied as exercise torture for very long. I’ve heard that it’s bad to be addicted to your own adrenaline but I’ve never seen it do one-millionth the damage compared to drugs. My hero’s are all dead. So what?! I hope they put God first and I get to meet them in heaven some day and we can go ice climbing or big wave surfing there. They have their priorities straight. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and Jesus said the only unpardonable sin was rejection of the Holy Spirit and not even cursing God or Himself. Want to kill your conscience like everyone else on planet earth does. Do what they do: “eat, drink and party…. for tomorrow we die. “ 


3. Kill yeast! All allergies, skin disorders and diseases are caused by yeast. Period. It isn’t the first health problem (bad PH is) but it is the first traceable sign. To cure yourself you must lay off any junk food, meat, iron, sugars, fruit juices, all fruit (especially grapes which are a haven for yeast), dairy, simple carbohydrates; especially bread, flours and stored grains until you are cured. This is a strict diet (essentially they perfect diet you should normally eat anyway) that needs to be enforced for about a month. Then continue to watch your diet until you are back in shape. You must also remember the four most powerful allies to killing yeast: Oxygen, digestive enzymes, probiotics (must be iron bonded), and coral calcium. Diet alone will not win the war if you don’t take supplements as well. Green Tea, Colloidal Silver and limited amounts of Chaparral are also great weapons for destroying the yeast parasite. Yeast is a spore just like mushrooms and while mushrooms have an incredible track record it is because they are toxic and work in a homeopathic way much like chemotherapy to cure cancer or other illnesses. Mushrooms are a bad way to fool your body into helping you combat illness. 


4. Breathe pure fresh air. Get a high quality air purifier if you have a house with carpet, any pets, wood or coal stove, or live next to a feedlot or refinery. I’d recommend a high quality air cleaner anyway and also to anyway get rid of any carpet, pets, stoves inside, and move to the country- not always easy to do. 


5. Drink pure, clean distilled water with coral calcium powder added and, if you really want good water, then freeze it and drink it after it thaws out. Freezing water recharges the covalent bond angle of the Hydrogen atoms as they attach to the Oxygen atom. Some say pure distilled water isn’t healthy as it robs your cells of electrolytes, minerals or some other silly nonsense. Well then, fartbrain, add some coral calcium powder (one fourth teaspoon per gallons) or a little healthy salt such as “Real Salt” (brand name from a salt in Idaho), or cell-salts. Regular salt contains calcium chloride, which clogs and hardens your arteries faster than a grilled cheese sandwich. Distilled water is the only pure water that you can drink without drinking pure two parts Hydrogen mixed with Oxygen like they do on nuclear submarines or by using super powerful centrifuges.  


6. Eat only organic , fresh, raw vegetables, nuts or seeds, fruits and a moderate amount of grains not left in storage to mold (typically anything in storage for 3 months or more has mold). 80% raw foods and 20% cooked foods. Of the 20% cooked foods you may include a limited amount of healthy “junk” food (chips, fruit juice, popcorn). Clean all vegetables with either 35% food-grade Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone, or Grapefruit seed extract. Yeast is in the air and everywhere. Where yeast is, bacteria is too. You can get very sick even eating healthy food if you aren’t careful and many vegetarians get sick more often than meat eaters because they eat vegetables contaminated with fecal waste fertilizer and/or bacteria. Overripe food is loaded with yeast, so eat it fresh. Organic is so expensive you will have to either be very rich or grow your own garden. I wish there was an easy way to determine which food had high amounts of toxins in them by testing them for pesticides and fertilizers (nitrates). Spectrum analyzers can do a fair job of this but since they are very expensive only Universities and big businesses can afford/have them. You just have to use a list for which foods are not too bad inorganic (such as bananas) and trust organic label foods by their certification or raise your own garden. Eat tons of organic sprouts. A prime example of an excellent product is Ezekiel 4:9 (that’s it’s brand-name) bread. It is completely organic, inexpensive, and based on scripture. 


7. Avoid stress like the plague or you’ll get the plague. I’ve read somewhere that if all 6 billion people were spread out on the land we would still have over 5 acres of land per person. While 10 acres seems more ideal for peace, privacy, comfort, security, and relaxation; even 5 acres would be better than what 90% of this planet dwells with. We have destroyed the essence of human dignity by subjecting ourselves to the life of elevated prosperous slaves and prisoners. No man is truly free unless he is self-sufficient. We all need governments to protect us but probably only 5% could survive on their own without society and others. 

If traffic bothers you (it’s my biggest stress) then move to the country, get to work earlier and leave later (work 12 hour shifts or nightshift), buy a hovercraft (not yet available) or move to an island that only has horses. Another thing that works is to buy a good sound system and play music (not loud though) while driving or watch movies. Until people or cars are history then traffic and lines will always cause stress. Trust me, i’m looking to build a country that doesn’t have cars or doctors but i don’t have the resources yet to purchase my own small island…yet.  





1. Don’t trust money. You either worship God or money – which is often misconstrued as God or evil. Being greedy, selfish, and lusting after materialism or power will only lead to illness, death, and sadness. This is the way of the world where most everyone seems to be following the wide highway to hell. The average American puts their job/income first and comfort second. The only difference between you and any other sinner is: Who or what do we bow down to every day. The ultimate goal of evil is greed and slavery. 


2. Don’t do drugs. Any legal or non-legal drugs will fry your brain and make you sick. The results are in: drugs make you stupid and ugly! There are two types of people in this world: alcoholics, and those who ADMIT they are alcoholics. Just because tobacco and alcohol are legal don’t mean they aren’t the most dangerous drugs ever. All addictive drugs are drugs! Don’t ever use the cliché “drugs, alcohol, and tobacco” either, like they are three separate things. Call it for what it is- and quit being a sneaky, apologizing, liar.  Not only do drugs destroy the user they also make the rest of society have to pay with extra medical expenses, family/ friend stress, and co-worker stress from working with morons. A little dope or alcohol now fries your brains cells, thusly affecting you and others for a long, long time. Brain cells don’t grow back fast, if at all. Don’t be stupid to have fun. If you need narcotics to kill your mental anguish then go try to get killed bungee jumping or hang gliding; if you live through it you will be a real man and not an addict loser who is only known for how much they can party. Just because nearly everyone else does drugs on this planet doesn’t mean you have to. All you have to do is chastise them and they will leave you alone. Better to be a healthy, friendless loner than a sick, popular retard. 



3. Don’t eat sugar. One hundred years ago American’s ate 5 pounds of sugar a year. Now the average is over 125 pounds a year. Sugar is acid, which is bad, but it also feeds your yeast like wildfire. Eat a lot of sugar and you will get sick- guaranteed. Simple carbohydrates also break down into sugar and you have to slow down on them as well. Yeast is even toxic (contains micotoxins) when it’s already dead such as in bread, beer or wine. Avoid all iron-fortified foods as well (such as Malted barley, Maltodextrin, etc) as yeast and bacteria love iron as much they it do sugar! Inorganic iron is toxic waste and yet they supplement it almost all foods at your local grocery store. Stevia and honey are excellent replacements to sugar. Yeast can’t readily eat these because they are more natural (less processed) and have enzymes to break themselves down so that the body isn’t overwhelmed with glucose. Stevia is a plant sugar and not a man made sugar. Honey doesn’t contain iron and, since bacteria can’t grow without iron, honey is possible the only known food that never rots. 



4. Don’t put yourself in bad environments. This is why God never intended for anyone to ever live in the City. Pollution is very damaging and difficult to overcome. Second hand smoke from refineries and cigarettes is deadly. Air is your most important commodity to survive. 3 minutes without it and you’re dead.  


5. Don’t drink city water. It has Chlorine, which kills bad bacteria (good of course) but also kills your good stomach bacteria. This, in turn, lets yeast go wild and causes all sorts of stomach problems. Not to mention chlorine is toxic because it not a healthy water purifier like salt or ozone. Granted, it’s not as bad as fluoride but it’s still really bad. At the very least, always filter any non-distilled water with a charcoal filter even if you use it for bathing (whole house filter). All cells and bacteria are good when in a healthy environment but when your body becomes acidic from eating junk food and/or lacks oxygen then all cells/bacteria mutate into bad cells (cancer) or bad bacteria (viruses, mold, fungus, yeast, etc.). Most people find it hard to believe that cells can turn bad yet they know all food rots and think nothing of it.   



6. Don’t eat animals or their fluids. It’s just sick and wrong to eat anything with a face and kill it because it tastes good. It’s not healthy and it’s just selfish anyway. Sure, I’ll admit that meat tastes good, but it doesn’t make it right. It’s a very hard habit to break though so don’t be judgmental against those that are still non-vegan. It’s much more difficult to cook/eat vegetarian as meat eaters still get to eat the best of both worlds. Also, don’t even excuse eating eggs and milk as justification that you aren’t perpetuating the senseless slaughter of animals. They don’t live in a happy happy joy joy world and die of a natural death even if they live on a farm. I’m not even sure if it’s justified to kill animals just so you can have a carnivore cat or dog as a pet. I do it because I don’t know of a vegetarian substitute that cat’s can live off. Eating dairy or eggs is much more unhealthy than eating flesh is, but eating anything from animals is not good at all. Dairy has toxic chemicals added (fortified vitamins) to it; it has antibiotics and hormones as a byproduct from non-organic ranching, and is pasteurized, homogenized and probably even irradiated by now. Vitamin D3 is taken from pig’s skin or pig’s brains and is in all milk. Next time you drink milk or eat cheese you can appreciate how much better it tastes with pig scrotum and hairy pig ass to help build strong teeth and bones. The worst part is that all dairy contains toxic bacteria that promotes yeast growth like crazy. 


7. Don’t live in the city. The fast lane is the fast lane to death. City life is chitty life. You can’t even grow a healthy garden due to all the toxic fallout and pollution. Neighbors less than a stone’s throw away only aggravates the condition and car or foot traffic is one of the ultimate stresses ever invented. Crime, drugs, noise and all the other negatives associated with too many people are damaging to ones central nervous system and ability to thrive. Externals affect you as much as it does fish in a fish bowl. A good internal attitude is only 50% of the battle. That old saying “life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” is about 99% pure wrong. You reap what you sow is the real answer. Life doesn’t happen to you. You are responsible for every choice you make and you pay the price or reap the rewards based on those decisions. Maybe not on this planet but eternal life is cheap enough a sacrifice when you finally realize you don’t have to sacrifice at all. Natural fresher food tastes better and so is living the good life! It’s no sacrifice at all to do what’s right.