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Top Ten List of Health Principles

This information is being presented for educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

1                     Have a positive attitude and love God (Who is always good), and love everyone else too! 

Being positive is just as much as a decision as being negative. I’ve discovered that most the time i am very positive but my greatest struggle to stay positive comes from the stress of negative people. It’s hardest to be positive when our circumstances are negative, but we have to focus on the positive….or we will, by default, focus on the negative. The true accomplishment is to let go, let God, and remain positive no matter what. I don’t believe anyone can truly be positive for long without the power of God. But, don’t let anyone circumstances don’t matter. They always have, and always will. No one wants to skip out on Heaven and instead try and be positive in Hell. However, there is only one Hell and it is planet Earth during the fall of mankind. We all have to endure it but it’s our choice how we decide to react to it. Focusing on God and His goodness is the only way to be happy. It will always be temporary for us, while we live in this sinful world. But it’s still our duty to remain faithful and show our loyalty by doing the best we can and carrying our cross daily.

No one can tell you what God to believe in. I believe we all already know our conscience (the Holy Spirit) and therefore already know the truth. I believe the Bible when it says no one will stand before God on judgment day and say “we never knew”. We have all of nature around us to know the truth. Those who are evil just force themselves into believing a lie. There are plenty out there so they pick one and kill their conscience into believing it is the “truth”. Those that lie to themselves and try and suppress the truth are only hurting themselves. I can tell you the only way to really be healthy is to put God first and then do your part. Without seeking the kingdom of God first then all else is in vain. We all die, but only some will find eternal life. Choose to be positive, happy, and live life for others instead of yourself. Only by choosing to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and spirit; and then loving others as much as we love ourselves can we be happy. We show we love God when we love others (yes, that includes even loving doctors ;-)

We all loose three of our tangible quadrants: Physical (health), Social (friends and family), and Mental (money). In a way they are all vanity, except the love we show by sharing them. But the one we never loose is the most important, even though we consider it to be “intangible”. The only way to have peace in the Spiritual quadrant is to seach first the Kingdom of God, which is the Truth of salvation by Jesus Christ alone. I’m not going to provide any links for you to start your spiritual journey of love and forgiveness. Pray about and let the Spirit lead you. It always will, if you are sincere and positive in your quest.

- Research links: (First pray, meditate, and search your conscience). Then search the Internet, book stores, or churches to get your life in harmony and balance. Without a strong Spiritual life all else is in vain.

2                     Don’t do drugs   

(Definition of drugs: tobacco, alcohol, Marijuana, Heroin, etc.; Pharmaceuticals, and Vaccinations) 

This one is the most important and controversial. Man made chemicals, vaccines, and drugs are flat out bad. It doesn’t mean that if your health is already so far gone you can just drop medication or addicting drugs immediately though. Quitting any drug quickly can be deadly. Fever, and high or low blood pressure, high or low blood sugar kills many people. But, so will the drugs used to suppress them. Drugs only work by suppressing the symptoms of the illness and not curing it. If you want to cure the illness the only way to do that is by proper diet. Period. As for smoking, drinking, and other recreational drugs, only Marijuana and cocaine have any medicinal uses and ONLY if eaten in their natural leaf state. That’s why the Peruvians can out-climb anyone. They chew on the cocaine leaves. They don’t freeze dry them and snort or smoke it. Any smoke at all, yes even candles, is very bad for the lungs. Smoke is not natural, except from Volcanoes and lightening induced forest fires. And smoke from either will kill you just like cigarettes do. Drug use can be confusing, for no plant is too toxic to eat. Even the most toxic plant in the world can be eaten. It’s how MUCH of that plant that you eat that makes the difference between healthy, hallucinogenic, or toxic. All man-made drugs are derived from natural sources, but it’s a huge profit conspiracy that is bent on outlawing anything that gets in the way of their money. Not only that, anytime you alter something God made perfect you make it inferior, unhealthy, and disastrous. Years of doctors killing patients with modern medicine still hasn’t taught stupid humans anything. The more stupid people you kill the more take their place. We’ve become a planet of moronic zombies. It’s no wonder God had to kill the entire planet off to keep the disease of stupidity from infecting everyone and no wonder He will soon do so again. A few will learn to discern truth and flourish. Most want to be stupid mindless zombies and slaves to their society, day jobs, politicians, doctors, and whatever other easy path they can find to comfort themselves from having to be responsible for their own actions. If you ever wonder why anything bad happens, trust me, it’s ALWAYS because of drugs. I worked as a Sheriff’s deputy long enough to realize all cops are just glorified bar bouncers. Every single problem i saw was drug related. It’s probably less than 5% of all crime is NOT drug related.  What’s amazing, and sickening, is the news media NEVER tells anyone that. They always come off with, “We have no idea why traffic fatalities in Montana are so high!” “We don’t know why this tragic family abuse took place at all, not even the slightest clue.” “We can’t understand why there is so much anger and backlash from this group of people or why this incident took place.” Trust me, if it’s criminal activity then the reason is almost always drugs. I can tell you that Alcohol and Crystal Meth were the worst offenders. After working as a Sheriff’s reserve it was funny to me that alcohol is illegal but marijuana is not. Must be an issue of the drug cartels (Coors, Budweiser, Pabst, etc) knowing that everyone would grow their own pot and not buy it from them. But since the cops like their job and their drugs as much as anyone then nothing will change unless you can find a drug free society that still promotes the rights of the US Constitutional Amendments. And i don’t know any such country except to live in America and stay drug free. Ideally it might not matter if all drugs were legal except we have to drive cars and cars and drugged up humans don’t mix very well at all. And i doubt it makes much difference to the person hurt or family of the victim whether the person driving the other car was on alcohol, Marijuana, or on prescription drugs.

As for pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines being bad, it’s a subject that has a ton of information against it all over the web. You have to make your own decision based on the landslide of negative affects they have or based on your wanting to feel sorry for yourself, be a hypochondriac, and give all your responsibility for your health over to doctors.

Most of this is common sense, but for those still brainwashed by modern science then here are a few of the myriad of resources on the subject:






3                     Avoid medical doctors at all cost 

First off, let me say that trauma surgeons are not to be included. If you get seriously injured most trauma doctors are sincerely interested in helping you and not killing you. Not so with medical doctors. They are snake oil charlatans and purveyors of stupidity. They only offer lies, blind ignorance, and death. They are so entrenched in their established voodoo witch doctor mentality that even they believe they are in a perfect calling and doing a perfect work. Satan worshipers, Nazi’s, and Muslim’s have more ethics and honor than medical doctors do. If you need proof then the proof is out there. They have killed more than all the wars put together. They exist because people refuse to turn to God and herbs to heal themselves. They are as natural a response to disease is as the cancer they treat. Like flies on crap – they are the real spreaders of illness. They do nothing to stop the crap. They just eat it and breed off it. Next time you see a medical doctor just think maggot. Only a maggot isn’t as bad because they won’t kill you and doctors will, unwittingly or intentionally, do everything they can to kill you. Whether medical doctors are ignorant (don’t know about natural healing) or stupid (don’t want to know) is very much irrelevant when you are sick or dead. The only time i’ve ever seen doctors do something half way right is when they use mold to try and heal. Anti-biotics are bad because they kill your good bacteria (biotics) but they do work in some dire situations where people don’t know about oxygen therapy, raw food (high PH), or herbal treatments. You would think this one should be first on the list but if you do drugs then you won’t care about anything else except drugs. Smokers only care about their cigarettes. Alcoholics only care about their next beer. And wine aficionados only care about what next restructuring merger they can make in order to put more Americans out of jobs and fatten their wallets so they don’t have to pay as much taxes and can outsource everything overseas in order to keep their investors happy.

My Mom was a nurse for 44 years and could write a book on all the good and bad things about modern medicine. There are a lot of good doctors out there, but the majority of MD’s are arrogant, foolish, greedy imps. The good ones made a difference in the lives of many and are true heroes. What is so interesting is that almost all the good doctors my Mom worked with were trauma surgeons and OR doctors. Very few, were medical doctors. You don’t treat the disease, you treat the patient. Most don’t know how to do that because they haven’t learned to work with God and nature and are constantly fighting it. They are always looking for a “cure for cancer” when there never will be one. Being sick is because of eating sick food and not healthy food! There are stories in the Bible that those before the flood lived 700 to 900+ years old. Healthy genetics from the tree of life is one theory. In combination with that theory is that it was probably because of a thin ice shield above our planet that created a 30% to 40% oxygen hyperbaric chamber on the Earth. Once a meteor shattered that ice shield, and caused the world wide flood, our oxygen levels and the human life-span decreased to less than 120 years.

So, does modern medicine offer any advantages over traditional medicine? Not really, but here are three key points you should consider.

1) Antibiotics: Really just a bunch of dirt and cheese mold. Still, it can be effective at treating illness and saving lives when you don’t have a lot of options. There is no denying that they work and are one of the only things modern medicine can brag about for treatment of illnesses. HOWEVER, if someone has a yeast infection and it turns into a staph infection then the yeast protects the staph bacteria and antibiotics will not work unless an antibiotic that kills yeast, like Nistatin, is used first or in conjunction with other antibiotics. It’s called Toxic Shock Syndrome. I’m sure many women have died because modern medicine doesn’t use hyperbaric chambers or yeast treatment properly. If you kill the yeast too quickly with Nistatin, or even natural methods like ozone, oxygen, or herbs – the person dies from all the yeast toxins in their blood. And so it’s a very touchy issue and one modern medicine often fails to treat properly because antibiotics are such a poor option.

- Research links:



2) Cortisone: another thing modern medicine has to offer that is pretty impressive and effective. I don’t think it’s as good as other natural options. But it can be a life saver if no other treatments are readily available or known about. It stops allergic reactions quickly as well as helping with toxic ailments, such as venom bites or skin burns. It definitely can’t be argued that cortisone has save countless millions of lives.

- Research links:


3) Anesthetics: pain inhibitors controlled by pharmaceuticals companies. Modern medicine has some amazing anesthetics. Cocaine is probably the best pain killer with the least amount of side affects. However, the politics and money behind the control of anesthetics is a huge issue. Because humans tend to abuse all drugs that reduce pain it is understandable. I read once that the derivative from poison dart frogs was by far and away the most effective at pain reduction and also had the least amount of side affects. Never kept links to the story though. For now, if you want a natural pain killer the only one that i’m aware of is clove oil. It’s what the drug companies derive all lidocains, benzocains, ext. cains from. Surprised they haven’t outlawed it but it doesn’t work as well as what they have and they know it. They already have cocaine highly banned and regulated. Mexico won’t even give out the liquid cocaine they use for dental and surgical procedures and Mexico is one of the most anti-gun pro-drug countries there is. They do have a lot of crime for some strange reason – go figure.

- Research links:


4) Blood stoppers: they may or may not have the best. Cocaine is presumed to be the best blood stopper, but i have talked to a few that work with animals and emergency trauma situations; and it appears there may be better options. I have not had a chance to test Cocaine’s effectiveness as a blood stop but from talking to those who have they claim Yarrow powder and Cayenne powder often does a better job. For obvious reasons, you can’t use Cayenne powder near the eyes, nose, or genital areas, and use in the mouth should be carefully administrated. I know some swear Cayenne is an amazing lifesaver that works wonders for heart conditions as well, better and faster than Nitrogen in the mouth. I eat Cayenne all the time but my experience has been that Yarrow is an amazing good blood stopper with mild anesthetic properties. Might not be as anesthetic or congeal as well as cocaine, but some claim it is in fact better! I think it works better than Cayenne but i’ve also heard that for more serious cuts Cayenne still wins over Cocaine or Yarrow.

Research links:

Sorry, none that i could find with a good comparison of tested use.

5) Vitamins and Minerals. These are crap, often literally – you don’t even want to know where this toxic garbage comes from. Many times man-made supplements are VERY bad; especially the ones with any iron. Iron helps anaerobic bacteria to thrive. Vitamins and minerals are nothing more than nice name for chemotherapy. I’ve tried then all and i’ve only found two that work well. What’s sad is that they both do work so well. I know there are better alternatives in natural herbs but if you don’t have access to herbs then these might be an option you want to consider. I’m sad to report that they have both worked very well. But i do have to be honest and recommend them as an option for those who don’t have a naturopathic doctor to aid them or time to research better options:

First is a powered mineral mix. Their immune defense is the only one that seems to work really well:


Second one is a zinc supplement. Their Zinc-Elderberry is the only one that worked well for me.


Research links:




4                     Diet rule: Only eat raw and organic – fruits, nuts, and vegetables 

And have a nice day. It’s almost as simple as that to have the best health possible! All cooked food is carcinogenic and causes cancer. All cooked food is acidic and acid kills. All raw food is highly alkaline and very healthy. Only domesticated animals and humans get degenerative diseases because we are the only ones to eat processed food. Unfortunately, this is the hardest discipline in the world to adhere to. Even the most dedicated raw food purist usually can only eat 80% raw and still have to eat 20% cooked food. The reason why is because cooked food is the most addicting drug of all. It creates opiates in the brain that addict us at a very early age. Those who do eat almost all raw food are the living proof of perfect health. They have NO illnesses or disease of any kind, are stronger than most anyone in their comparable age, and only need about 4 to 5 hours of sleep per night. Personally, i tried to eat raw and failed after a week. Yes, it was the best week of my life, but i would have done nearly anything for a taco at the end of the week. For now, i only eat fruit for breakfast. You should never eat anything except fruit for breakfast. If you want your nasty breakfast fatty eggs, bacon, and pancakes then eat them for lunch. It takes four hours for your stomach to wake up, after you do. Only fruit will keep your stomach happy in the morning.

A secondary diet rule is that don’t eat nuts and vegetables for breakfast if possible. They take more stomach acid. Fruit is very alkaline and only takes 30 minutes to digest with almost no stomach acid. Nuts, fruits and cooked food take a real drain on you and if you start mixing raw food with cooked food your stomach has to work twice as hard and the food may not get enough acid and just sit there and ferment. Eat your fruit first, then wait 30 minutes before any other type of food. Same with a salad, eat it first, before eating cooked veggies, nuts, or meat.

Third diet rule that is almost as important as the first two – don’t eat too much. Skinny people live the longest, get sick the least, and get job promotions faster. Lighter is better. Food that really tastes good is tough to stop eating so eat it like French do and make the really fattening foods like an appetizer and eat very little of them. You still can enjoy foods that are fattening but just eat very little. Your primary diet still has to be healthy food!

Fourth diet rules is don’t eat Pork, Shellfish, organs, etc. Bible spells out unclean animals clearly because they are so dirty and unhealthy. If you eat unclean animals you are exposing yourself to many parasites and toxins. Look up Leviticus 11 if you need a list of what animals were allowed for food, after the Flood.

Personally i believe the ONLY way to eat raw is to join a health spa / resort / community. Without the support and constant effort of a group of people i don’t think it’s easy to eat raw organic food for long. I don’t know of any raw health food resorts so my goal is to someday create a Jedi order raw food community where we all carry light sabers and fight the dark forces of decay, yeast, and bacteria! Or at least just eat raw food, maybe jump around a lot, and work as an independent but autonomous collective and self governing Republic; enjoying profits by our merits and labor instead of being slaves to business owners set in a captive 9 to 5 mentality.

What’s really a little scary is that the drug companies are so powerful and evil they even want to outlaw raw food, because it’s “not good for you”. It needs to be genetically modified, polluted with fertilizers and pesticides, artificially color and flavored, fortified, nuked, cooked, injected, and contaminated every way they can in order to get you sick and be in their control.

Note: Just in case you’re wondering if humans can eat meat raw too, we can’t. We are very close to monkeys in diet (what that be called fruitivors?). We aren’t herbivores like horses, sheep, and cows so eating grass all day long really won’t work for us. We aren’t carnivores or omnivores. We don’t have claws, short intestines, night vision, fangs, or the right enzymes or stomach bacteria to protect us against bad bacteria. It is proof we shouldn’t eat any meat at all. If you eat nothing but cooked meat you’ll live about as long as a cat or dog – 12 to 14 years if you are lucky. Carnivores also have killer instincts and have no problem killing cute baby bunnies and eating them whole. A person would get put into a psyche ward if they were caught eating animals like that. Carnivores also need the internal organs of an animal in order to get the vitamins they need. Where as we typically only eat the flesh, which has almost no vitamins at all. It also tastes horrible to us unless we add a lot of seasoning and spices. Plain meat has very little good flavor to it unless it has a lot of blood and fat still in it.

- Research links:






5                     No dairy or eggs 

If you don’t like rice or cashew milk then you better figure out how to like them. Organic Soy milk may be ok for women, but the estrogen it creates in men is rumored to be very bad. Or just give up all any type of milk entirely. Milk is so nasty i wouldn’t be surprised it probably kills faster than cigarettes. Go to www.notmilk.com if you need to believe why. Just to prove how stupid and brainwashed people are about dairy think of this. Cows milk is made for baby cows. They stop drinking it after 6 months. All babies stop drinking milk after a few months. Humans live the longest and have the slowest growth so we should probably drink milk until about age 2 to 3. Some argue more or less but whatever, we are supposed to drink human milk, NOT COW’S, GOAT, YAK, OR PIG MILK! Next time someone offers you a glass of cows milk tell them you only drink human breast milk. It’s more funny if you are a man, of course. But it make the point. We aren’t supposed to drink any milk other than human milk. Sounds disgusting but yet everyone knows there is pus in cow’s milk and don’t really care. It’s a very deadly brew with both natural and injected hormones, medicines, heavy metals, and antibiotics. It probably wasn’t much better from farmers had healthy dairy cows and drank it raw either. But it was a far far cry better than the dairy milk we have today. It wasn’t hard for me to give up milk after ready the nasty stories on the internet. However, it has been very tough to give up cheese and sour cream. I have given it up and come back to this nasty flem more times than i would like to admit. And because of it i’m more obese instead of skinny and healthy. For butter there is a substitute made from Coconut oil that absolutely taste 300% better than any other butter or margarine i’ve ever tasted. It’s called Earth Balance. Their organic whipped has the best flavor but it has soy so i don’t use it anymore: http://www.earthbalancenatural.com/#/products/organic/

My new favorite one is the Soy free natural buttery spread and it’s almost as good as the organic whipped flavor:


For mayonnaise there is also something that tastes 300% better and that’s Vegenais. The only one i like is the one made from grape seed oil extract: http://www.followyourheart.com/products.php?id=20 Sure, they are both man-made processed foods so they aren’t healthy for you. They are just not as unhealthy as butter and mayonnaise is all.

Eggs are high in sulfides and just as bad for you as dairy. Lucky for me i’ve never much cared for the taste of eggs and so they were not hard to give up. I eat a breakfast burrito with eggs about once a year and that’s enough for me. Baby chicken fetus embryonic DNA growth material – Yuck!


6                     No chemicals in your house: Sodium Laurel Sulfates, Chlorine, or Fluoride, etc. 

I read an article from a scientist who said he had been researching causes of cancer in the lab for years and NOTHING caused cancer as fast as Sodium Laurel Sulfate. There were other really nasty chemicals in shampoos and soap as well but that one was the really bad one. Can’t remember exactly but i think he said that it broke down the blood brain barrier faster than almost anything he had ever seen and was so nasty he hadn’t found a way to make cancer grow faster than by using it. It’s in all your shampoos and soaps. Most of even the health food store brands have it. He was pushing for a complete ban on this chemical except he did say it worked better than anything at removing radiation from radiation infected skin. What it does is make soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. very foamy and people like foamy. I got rid of everything with this crap and went to organic shampoos, soap, and toothpaste right away. Sorry, i don’t have any links to his articles. I think he was maybe associated with Einstein University in NY, but i can’t remember for sure. Chlorine is just plain stupid. We’ve known for years the negative side affects of this poison being used in our pools and drinking water. It causes leukemia in children and was used by the Nazi’s to poison the Jews. Salt, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ozone, UV sterilization, and Oxygen are just a few of the much safer and healthier alternative for water sterilization. But chlorine is cheaper so the money wins. Fluoride is not as well known a culprit but it also is very toxic. It bonds to everything and the list of deadly effects it has on people is a mile long. Thankfully you can avoid Fluoride by not buying toothpaste with it and not drinking water polluted with it. http://www.fluoridation.com/ Chlorine is also fairly easy to avoid by staying out of public pools and not drinking unpurified water.

Research links:






7                     Get rid of your microwave 

Quit nuking your food. It’s far worse than even cooking. It causes your blood hemoglobin to do all sorts of weird things and they are illegal in many countries. Sometimes you don’t have a choice so make sure you don’t microwave water. It’s the water that creates the worst systems and blood reactions. Many countries have already outlawed microwave ovens. The simple proof is the fact that everyone knows micro-waved water kills plants very quickly. If someone microwave heats up blood before a transfusion is also deadly. It’s hard to argue with proof such as that. The best option is to buy an electric hot water kettle for drinks and use a regular or toaster oven to reheat your food: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/stylePage.asp?order_num=-1&rn=687&rnt=0&ipp=1000&

-          Research links:







8                     Get rid of the really bad junk food – artificial ingredients: colors, flavors, and preservatives. 


So, you don’t want to change too much. Well, there are some foods you had better give up anyway. Anything with hydrogenated oils is very bad. That means the French fries at McDonalds are a big no go!

Artificial colors and flavors are very toxic. If you want to have breathing problems just drink something with yellow number 5 in it, like Tang. That powdered garbage will cause Superman to wheeze like Darth Vader climbing Everest. It’s almost impossible to find processed food without artificial colors and flavors so if you like to eat processed food you’ll spend a fortune at the health food stores. Better to just not eat so much processed foods!

Food preservatives are often used as rat poison. BHA and BHT have been used for years to kill rats. But it’s safe for humans i guess! About the only one that might be safe is Vitamin E (Tochopherated , but it’s still man-made so i have my doubts.

Pop and soft drinks are also a no-brainer. They are very unhealthy. Diet soft drinks are the absolute worst. There   probably isn’t much worse as far as unhealthy food than diet soda! Diet soda’s and menthos do make for a really cool rocket or geyser though. The caffeine is really bad as well.

Coffee is overcooked so no coffee. Drink tea unless you love headaches and stomach problems. If you have to drink coffee then buy raw coffee beans roast them lightly in a pop-corn popper or Wok. It’s no good drank raw but it is a natural plant source so it isn’t completely bad. It’s the roasted part of coffee that makes it bad. Caffeine is not good either.

Sugar is bad and everyone knows it. My family quit buying sugar years ago. We spend $120 per year on a 5 gallon bucket of honey and don’t bake any sugary deserts. Our dark chocolate bills is probably $10 per month but dark chocolate is still not so bad as many other sweets. You really have to substitute one thing for another instead of just quitting everything cold turkey.

-Research links:






9                     Natural therapies to use if already sick 

So, you eat crap food and don’t want to change too much or too fast. Well, i have bad news for you. Diet is almost everything. Taking the healthiest and most natural of herbs is only a bandage approach and won’t save you for long. Even so, we all are weak and don’t eat raw only. While it is true that raw food purist never get sick the rest of us have to cope until we reach their discipline and nirvana.

1) Hydrotherapy: I don’t know if it’s true, but i’ve read that really hot baths help cure illness or sickness of any kind. The bath has to be hot to the point of nearly scalding and for at least 20 minutes – basically an artificial fever. No, saunas are not healthy. They hot moist air caused problems for our lungs. Might work well if you need to expectorate crud out of your lungs, but i would say you would probably need a lot of essential oils in the sauna for that to be the case.

I do believe hydro therapy is very effective and i use it to combat my fevers because i hate the damage that Tylenol and Motrin might do to my kidneys and livers. I will hop into a cool or hot tub as many times as it takes to break the fever and get comfort and it works wonders for me. Others have claimed it didn’t do squat for them. However, true hydro-therapists are absolute torture level in pain for what they claim is needed to be effective. Their books border on freakish horror in the amount of stress they put a person though. Maybe the water abuse they do just scares the living shit out of you and your body goes into shock and heals itself out of fear. I don’t know. I do know i’ve seen videos of what they do to people at hydro-therapy centers and it is crazy. Even so, the people all claim they feel like they went from knocking on deaths door to feeling like Superman and if i was really super ill i would definitely rather die from hydrotherapy trauma then being miserable and in bed!

2) Fasting and de-toxing. This one is my favorite. I start to feel rough and i just quit with eating food and drink a lot of lemon juice / a little cayenne and tons of tea. Essiac (Esiak) tea is my favorite. Very expensive unless you get it from Now Foods:


Overall, the proponents of fasting claim it is very healthy. Personally i’ve tried it and always get low blood sugar and then violently bitter and angry. I have not been impressed with the results of fasting for me. But the Bible does recommend it so i will someday come to terms with it as a valid way to healing. I do know it works, if one is strong enough to make it work.

3) Herbs. Probably the most important natural remedy you have, next to healthy eating. Most the herbs at the health food store are very wimpy. I think sometimes the health food stores may be as bad as the medical doctors. They are in it for the money, like everyone else. And while we all need money there is no excuse for selling products that don’t work or lying to people in order to make money. I’ve spent thousands of dollars at the health food stores and most of it was a waste of money. Here are a few of the really powerful herbs that actually do work. You will notice the FDA has banned or wants to ban any truly powerful and effective herbs. One they especially hate is Lobelia, but although there are a lot of people raving about it, i wasn’t impressed.

Chaparral (may be banned in the US)

Reason it works so well. It is loaded with Zinc. Both detoxifies and heals. FDA hates this one with a passion. If you suffer from lots of Yeast infections and mastitis you are screwed unless you can get some imported. Only known method of LSD detox. Very amazing stuff and since it works so well the government wants it banned worse than Colloidal Silver.



Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa, or in Spanish as Uña de Gato, or as Indian name Vilcacora) – (may be banned in the US)



Turmeric (Curcuma longa Linn.) and Curcumin (it’s a food, so they are going to have a tough time with this one)

Curcumin, an extract of Tumeric, is supposed to make cancer to eat itself.

I don’t really know if it works as well as they say it does. But i do know i seem to feel a lot better after eating the Tumeric in the yellow and green curry chicken that Thai restaurants use to make the curry.




Super greens and Cayenne pepper

I can’t afford them at health food store so i make my own. When i eat cooked food i usually take 2 to 3 of these to help balance my diet a little. I mix Spirulina, Sun Chlorella, Purple Dulse seaweed and Cayenne Pepper.


10                 Clean Air, Oxygen, and Ozone 

Clean air is very important. You can live only 3 minutes without air, 3 hours exposed without shelter, 3 days without water, and 3 weeks without food. HEPA air filters are now down to about $100 each at CostCo. They used to be $500+. I recommend one in each bedroom and one in the family room. They are an absolute must have unless you live in a place with clean air…which would be maybe at the North pole and Antarctic.

Ok, here’s where the medical establishment gets really angry. They know they can’t outlaw herbs very well. Heck, they can’t even do a 1% decent job at outlawing Marijuana. However, they know oxygen is a huge boon to health, even if you are on the SAD (Standard American Diet) of eating junk food 24/7 and look like a malignant tumor infected Walrus. They can do a pretty good job of controlling outlawing oxygen and ozone. Fortunately they haven’t done too much so far. Give them time and they could easily do more. In the meantime, if you don’t want to get healthy strictly by proper nutrition and herbs then oxygen therapy is an amazing boost to anyone’s health. Ozone therapy is a bit dark science. It does have positive applications and i have seen with my own eyes (uh…on TV, yeah) an IV bag of Dextrose 5% water with Ozone bubbled into it for 20 minutes bring someone in a coma from a disease i can’t mention completely back to life and completely cured in a few treatments. But i’m not a medical doctor so i’m sure it was a trick! ;-) I haven’t been that sick that i would try something that extreme. However, i do think that Ozone in the air is still a good idea for smoke removal when you live in the state of MT or CA and thousands of acres burn down each summer as a annual practical joke because of the environmentalist or because we didn’t listen to them. It’s also good to know that the Ozone might be sterilizing some of the bacteria in a stuffy house. They always say the air in a house is sick” or “the lowest quality” but most air cleaners only filter the air and don’t kill any bacteria.

Ozone is so extremely controversial that the FDA has pretty much won this battle without even passing many laws. Sure, they are partially correct in saying it can be dangerous. Ozone is so reactive that it will start killing good bacteria and cells right after or along will back bacteria and cells. It will even punch holes in your lungs! But many are over reacting and making it sound as if it is the worst thing there is. Now they have many supporters and advocates of the “Ozone is deadly” exaggeration with even many mainstream natural healing proponents websites touting how completely bad Ozone is. Even Consumer Reports has now come to the “Ozone is your enemy” party. And that’s what worries me. Why is the FDA so afraid of Ozone? Is it really because it’s so bad for people or that is might cure gangrene faster than anything, and might sterilize all the viruses, fungus, mold, bacteria, and such better than anything? It makes you wonder. More powerful than Hydrogen Peroxide or apple cider vinegar – an Ozone generator is a biological warfare labs worst nightmare. You have to REALLY hunt now to find a good UV bulb Ozone generator even for your Spa or Swimming pool, where there is less controversy than using it to sterilize and purify air. Now the only places that use Ozone to clean the air are restoration companies that use them to eat smoke odors in a house or building after fire damage. Too much of anything can kill you – water, oxygen, fresh organic raw fruit – it doesn’t matter. Everything good thing still has to be in moderation. And i’m not convinced Ozone is as bad as the modern medicine, artificial ingredients, pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified food, and other drugs the FDA has no problem with legalizing. Still, it really is only naturally made by lightening and the Sun’s rays at high altitudes. So while i believe it maybe / could / might be one of the most powerful remedies out there, i am not a great proponent of using it. It is probably best left of cleaning swimming pools, spas, and MAYBE running for short periods of time in the house when the family is sick with the Flu or colds and no one is home. My research led me to believe that the UV bulb type of Ozone production, like the Sun; and not electrical, like lightening, were the best type of generators. You do have to be careful with it. An Ozone machine left running in a house with carpet will react with the carpet padding and can create toxic fumes. That said, i’m a still VERY glad i have one.

For oxygen (generators) concentrators they seem to work miracles for those that are obese, junk-food-aholics, diabetics, asthmatics, or have other disorders that affect their lungs. You might need to find a small town medical doctor that needs a gift certificate for him and his wife to a nice steak house in order to get a prescription. You also might call a bunch of pulmonary specialists until you find one willing to cure you and not beat around the bush with the old “there is no cure – only just treatment, until Movie actors get everyone to hope enough want to give every penny they have for research so the new world order can then destroy all Republicans and straight people…blah, blah, blah…it’s for the children.”

I know for myself i found a good pulmonary specialist that put me on some strong cortisone inhalers to dry my lungs out, recommended an Ozone machine (off the record off course) to kill the mold in my lungs, and an oxygen concentrator to help my lungs heal. I was in the Marine Corps during Recon school and while some of my brothers in arms had to be pulled out by helicopter due to hypothermia i was tough enough to only get pneumonia much later. I couldn’t shake if for over 6 months and was addicted to my inhaler until i found a pulmonary specialist willing to do the right thing and get me well. I didn’t know much about herbs back then or i wouldn’t have probably needed his help at all. Even so, the inhaler / Ozone Machine / and oxygen concentrator rental was enough to get me back in just 1 week! Granted, i was still in pretty decent shape from 4 years of the Marines. I do remember asking the pulmonary if i could buy an oxygen concentrator and he did refuse to give me a prescription for that. Turns out he was right and i didn’t need it for more than a couple of weeks anyway. He was still Democrat about it but he’s a victim to modern medicine as much as any. He did say the only good oxygen concentrators were the ones that could make bottled oxygen because they tended to be 98% pure oxygen or higher. That was many years ago so maybe things have changed. I don’t think i would buy from anyone not selling either Ozone machines or Hyperbaric chambers though. If they aren’t on the fringe of oxygen therapy then they are liberals living in fear of the system and are bent on greed instead of really making a difference. Also, those $300 oxygen sensors are an ABSOLUTE MUST! If you get too little oxygen you are just wasting your time and not healing yourself and you’ll be wearing the oxygen crutch forever. If you overdoes yourself with oxygen you will be even sicker or dead. Get one of the finger sensors. They clip onto your finger and shine a light through your fingernail to check your oxygen levels. Sick people always have a very poor blood oxygen level. You still have to change your lifestyle, of course, but an oxygen generator might be a worthwhile tool in your quest for better health.

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In Conclusion 

Eat crap and die! No, no, no…it’s not a suggestion; i’m just reiterating the truth. If you eat crap food you will die. Sure, it’s hard, but if you start slow and make small changes you can win. Only eat fruit for breakfast. Next time you go to eat out just eat Subway or a Gyros with lots of veggies. Eat a salad at Taco John instead of the no veggies meat burrito. It’s a start and ever little bit helps.

I love God and i love you too! Please eat healthy and do everything you can to make yourself and this world a better place to live in. Every time you are sick it hurts yourself, your family, your co-workers, and makes doctors and health food store owners rich and gloating. They know the secrets to good health are proper rest, fresh air, PROPER DIET, and avoidance of chemicals and drugs. Sooner you figure it out the better off you’ll be. Or not, it’s all good! The good guys always win in the end – no matter how much the bad guys try. Always have faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love!