About Us

Quadrant Life provides Health Consulting services while taking you on vacation of your dreams. We currently have openings for the Cayman Islands. We do not treat you directly, as that is against the law in most countries. We only assist you in finding and using the best natural, non-traditional, and progressive medical treatment possible including (but not limited to): ancient and modern herbal remedies, ozone and food grade hydrogen peroxide chelation therapy, hyperbaric chamber oxygen therapy, hydrotherapy treatment, and lifestyle changes. Your success is only based upon your healing relationship with God and His natural laws. Ultimately only you alone are responsible for your health choices. We only charge for education and facilitation in you reaching those goals.

If you would like to view the credentials, letters of reference, and other professional information about our nurse with 48+ years of nursing career, you can go here: http://codedelete.wordpress.com/

We would love to be a part of God’s mercy in healing you with His laws and knowledge. The Bible says “my people die for lack of knowledge.”

Contact us at quadrantlife@gmail.com if you are interested in taking charge of your own health and recovery.